Jah Prayzah vs Winky D on captivating Zimbabweans

Music unites and has been lauded as being a unifier in situations where people are divided. I doubt either Jah  Prayzah or Winky D ever releases music  with the aim of being better than the other. Comparing two great artists can never be resolved by slurring insults at each other. There are no two camps when it comes to music. There’s no law that when you like Jah Prayzah then automatically you can’t like Winky D.

 If I like them both what does it mean for me, I get to enjoy great music and overall have a good time. There’s no shame in liking more than one artist in your life, you have the capacity to like music made by different musicians just because the level of creativity and delivery can never be the same. Each is different in their own right and have earned the right to be so. 

Jah Prayzah fun facts: His real name is Mukudzeyi Mukombe. The name “Jah Prayzah” comes from his name, “Mukudzeyi”, which means “Praise Him”. He is the lead member of the band Third Generation. He is popularly referred to by fans and media as “Musoja”, a name he earned mostly because of his signature band uniform of military regalia. He plays mbira. 

Winky D fun facts: He is often considered the Zimdancehall pioneer. Dancehall Igwe, Gaffa, Proffesor. His real name is Wallace Chirumiko. He was born 1 February 1983. Winky D has a brother named Trevor Chirumiko who is famously known as Layan. Layan is also a music producer, singer and a presenter.

The musicians themselves don’t take it personally as does the fans. Why overwork yourselves with misery to hate the other at the expense of loving the other. Just as much you support Winky D, you can support Jah Prayzah’s music by not going to great lengths to discredit the other at the expense of elevating the other. 


No need to complicate this fellow Zimbabweans. Let us learn to embrace both our talented superstars.


Carl Ncube had something to say about this too and it really echoes what this article is trying to say. This article was largely influenced by his tweet.

Jah Prayzah Winky D

Winky D does Dance hall, Reggae and ZimDancehall while Jah Prayzah does Afropop and Afrobeats. While we can debate about their differences we can agree that they are both entertainers. We can’t deny that they are doing well in their own rights. The music they have gifted us with speaks for itself. The number of collaborations they have made endorses their place in the books of great artists. How they both managed to use digital platforms to reach their respective fans all over the world, speaks of their drive to continue to entertain the Zimbabwean community.

Get to know Jah Prayzah on www.jahprayzah.com or listen on his YouTube channel and while you are there subscribe. Check him on his social media accounts and give him a follow.  

Get to know Winky D on www.winkyd.co.zw He has a YouTube account and also subscribe and follow him on his social media accounts. 

Jah Prayzah discography

  1. Hokoyo (2020)
  2. Chitubu (2 November 2018)
  3. Kutonga Kwaro (2017)
  4. Mdhara Vachauya (2016)
  5. Jerusarema (2015)
  6. Kumbumura Mhute (2014)
  7. Tsviriyo (2013)
  8. Ngwarira Kuparara (2012)
  9. Sungano Yerudo (2010)
  10. Rudo Nerunyararo (2007)

Winky D discography

  1. War
  2. Devotee
  3. Igofigo – The Unthinkable
  4. PaKitchen 
  5. Life yangu
  6. Gafa Life Kickstape
  7. Gafa Futi 
  8. Gombwe: Chiextra
  9. Njema
  10. Ragga Musambo (Trilogy)

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