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Zumbani in Zulu

What is Zumbani in Zulu? Zumbani in isiZulu and Ndebele is known as Umsuzwane. Zumbani is scientifically known as Lippia Javanica. It is traditionally known as the fever tea.   Umsuzwane is used for it’s medicinal properties. Traditionally used as a remedy for high temperatures, as an analgesic hence the fever

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What is Zumbani? – [The ULTIMATE Guide]

You can buy Zumbani Online for delivery across South Africa in 1-3 days! Get yours TODAY! Click here to buy Zumbani NOW! What is Zumbani is a hot topic lately following its sudden interest everywhere. Zumbani is traditionally known as the fever tea or lemon bush tea. The name Zumbani

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