How to apply for a Zimbabwean passport while in South Africa in 5 easy steps

How to apply for a Zimbabwean Passport while in South Africa is a big concern for main Zimbabwean when their passport lost or due for renewal? 

If you have ever tried to figure out the Zimbabwe passport application process in South Africa you have seen how confusing and challenging the steps seem, they are actual fairly simple. We have attempted to put the whole process for both into 5 easy steps.

Hope you will find them helpful. Comment below or on our Social media sites and let us help each each simply and understand these steps.  Click each step to get more detail of tasks under that step:

How to apply for a Zimbabwean Passport while in South Africa in 5 easy STEPS!
How to apply for a Zimbabwean Passport while in South Africa
Zimbabwe Passport

Gather the originals and photocopies of the following documents:

1.)   Long Birth Certificate;

2.)   Zimbabwean I.D. for all applicants above 16 years (Driver’s
at all) IDs for married women with
marriage certificates should bear the spouses surname;

3.)   Current / expired passport;

4.)   Marriage certificate / divorce order where applicable;

5.)   Two (2) colour passport photos (size 3.5cm x 4.5cm) on strictly white back ground (please wear dark/bright colours. Cream and white colours are not acceptable);

6.)   Police Affidavit for all Lost or Stolen passports;

7.)   Citizenship certificate (for citizens by registration / if one or both parents are Zimbabwean citizens by descent or if the applicant was born outside Zimbabwe)

8.)   For minors below the age of 18, the following are also required; the father/mother or legal guardian has to be present to sign Section 5 of the application form. The signatory’s Passport / ID is required.

Consulate Passport form fees:

R300.00 payable in cash at the Consulate

Before booking an appointment please note the following:

1.)    All clients will be served strictly by appointment between 0830 and 1230 hours during weekdays. The appointment system is designed to ensure that clients do not exceed the allowable congregation thresholds at the Consulate, as set by the host Government under social distancing protocols.

2.)    A maximum of (250) clients will be assisted per day at this point. The selection criteria would be based on first come- first served basis.

3.)    The confirmation of appointment should be presented at the security checkpoint in order to be granted passage into the premises.

4.)    Time slots are neither interchangeable nor transferable. (Clients are therefore, advised to strictly adhere to the allotted time slots.) 

5.)    Clients who show up at the Consulate without a confirmation of appointment will not be allowed into the premises.

6.)    4:00 am – 8:30 am appointments will be attended between 8:30 am till 12:00 pm

7.)     If you need service for more than one family member, you must book them individually, one after the other and putting personal information of the person being booked for. Should you get any message of your booking appointment being re-scheduled to another date, please ignore such re-scheduling message and stick to the original booked appointment sent on email or SMS.

8.)    Bring print out of your appointment confirmation you received on your email.


ALL Appointment Booking should be done here


Sometimes slots are all booked. Please follow us on Social media or WhatsApp groups for updates when slots become available.

Once the booking is confirmed you can now go to the Zimbabwe Consulate:

Current Hours of Operation

Open: Monday-Friday between 0830hrs to 1200hrs

Closed: Wednesdays, Weekends, South African & Zimbabwe public Holidays.


Zimbabwe Consulate Johannesburg details

Address: 13A Boeing Road West, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007

Telephone: +27 11 615 5879

Fax: +27 11 615 1016




Zimbabwe Consulate Cape Town details

Address: 55 Kuper Street, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925

Telephone: 021 4611 994-5




Please note the Zimbabwe Passport renewal and application are done at the Zimbabwe Consulate and NOT Zimbabwe Embassy

Once form is completed you can now submit via the following steps:

1.)    Get your form to Zimbabwe either yourself or through courier service like Zimboshop Logistics. The form can be submitted by you or a designated relative.

2.)    NB: Applicants submit their passport applications forms to any of the following offices; 

1-      Harare

2-      Bulawayo

3-      Gwanda

4-      Gweru

note that the consulate does not submit passport application forms on behalf of applicants but can assist on 
how to apply for a Zimbabwean Passport while in South Africa

Upon submission. You will get a receipt and you will be notified via SMS once the passport is out.

Happy travelling and go represent Zimbabwe well wherever you go!

Send your form with us

We will fly your forms to Harare and Bulawayo at an affordable rate

Hoping this assisted you with tasks involved in how to apply for a Zimbabwean Passport while in South Africa. Contribute your comments or questions here on the section below or to our Social sites. if we cannot answer you someone with the right experience will be able to assist. The Zimbabwe Consulate is also available for your Support on the following contacts:

DISCLAIMER: This post is a community service effort from ZimboShop team to merely assist with information gathering and we are in no way form or shape the Offical office for the Zimbabwe Consulate services mentioned here. The information is wholly sourced from the Official consulate website
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