Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking in South Africa FAQ

Here are important question on booking your Appointments

The  Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking process has been adjusted following the Level 3 Adjusted Lockdown in South Africa. The Consulate has also made some adjustments to accommodate the new requirements. Below is the Public Notice sent out by the Zimbabwe Consulate to keep the public informed:

Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking
Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking

Given that a lot of questions have been asked about existing and new appointments. Below we have put together a list of the Frequently Asked Questions about the new Level 3 notice:

Yes and same time Mon – Fri 0700 -1300

No. The Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking has temporarily suspended all new booking,

Be advised that ALL appointments which had been scheduled for the period 4 January to 26 March 2021 were canceled following the movement to Adjusted Lockdown Alert Level Three.

The Consulate will issue new dates on all those that had already booked. All existing bookings will receive a revised appointment date.

Please IGNORE all the automated reminders that are linked to the original appointments.

It is therefore NOT advisable to visit the Consulate before receiving the revised appointment date because no service will be extended to such individuals.

Individuals should expect to receive new appointment dates via the email used to book the original appointment as and when the operating environment permits. Broadly, Zimbabwe Consulate will continue to follow the direction given by the host government.


The ONLY Official website Consulate website https://www.zimbabweconsulate.co.za/appointment

No other website or person can get you an appointment.

DISCLAIMER: This post is a community service effort from ZimboShop team to merely assist with information on Zimbabwe Consulate appointment booking and we are in no way form or shape the Offical office for the Consulate services mentioned here. The information is wholly sourced from the Official consulate website https://www.zimbabweconsulate.co.za/
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    1. The permit is issued by SA Department of Home Affairs, it will be valid and can be transferable after you receive a new Passport.

  1. Locadia Linda Tombido

    Please let me know if the consulate isnow taking bookings. It seems your system is saying that there ate no available appointments

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